Conditions for renting.

Cancellation of a booking:
-After booking, you can cancel without charge up to 30 days before arrival.
-If canceled between 30 days and 7 days before arrival, you will get 50% of the paid amount
– If you cancel closer than 7 days before arrival, you will lose the entire paid amount.

You rent the apartment privately.
– This is not a hotel with a reception but a private rental agreement, where there is
somewhat limited staff and service. On arrival, the home is equipped with toilet paper, a
rubbish bag and a tablet for the dishwasher for the first day's consumption. The rest must
be bought in by each guest or ordered extra prior to your arrival.

Responsibilities and house rules
– You are financially responsible for damages and household goods that may break during
your stay in the apartment. Enjoy your holiday but take care of the apartment. We
recommend that you always leave a key in the key box when you leave the apartment. If
you are locked out because you have forgotten the key, Sydenbooking charges 50 euros to
unlock it. If you lose the keys you will be charged 120 euros.
– Smoking is not permitted in the residence. Violations of this prohibition are charged with
350 euros for washing down and cleaning furniture, walls and ceilings.
– It is not allowed to hold parties and events that might bother other guests and residents.

– There is no lifeguard at the pool, all use is at your own risk. Claims of any kind are not
accepted for any damage etc. when using the pool and leisure area. Children under the age
of 14 must be supervised by an adult.